Birther bull****. Again. What’s the press going to do about it? (PEH)

When and why, exactly, did Donald Trump grant citizenship to Barack Obama?

53 days before the 2016 election a lazy press sat on its thumbs and allowed Trump to ditch the girl what brung him to the dance.

“President Obama was born in the United States. Period. Now we want to get back to making America strong and great again.”


He’s at it again with Kamala Harris.

“Trump encourages racist Conspiracy Theory About Kamala Harris”


Will the press let him get away—again—with his “yes-no-maybe-so” schtick or will it call a spade a spade and nail his hide to the wall for being the racist he has so abundantly proven himself to be?

And I still want to hear the apology President Obama never received.

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