“How systemic racism shaped George Floyd’s life and hobbled his ambition” …Washington Post

“Floyd made many mistakes of his own doing. His choices landed him in jail on drug and robbery charges, while also leaving him without a college degree and with limited career prospects. He acknowledged many of his poor decisions and tried to warn others against making them, too. But for him, each misstep further narrowed his opportunities.”

“I got my shortcomings and my flaws,” he said in a video he posted on social media aimed at convincing young people in his neighborhood to put away their guns. “I ain’t better than nobody else.”


George Floyd was neither a role model nor a hero nor a victim of anyone but Derek Chauvin. He did not change the world.

Systemic racism is real but it does not explain the failures of someone whose only claim to fame is to have died a horrific death. To assert otherwise undercuts a serious argument and does a disservice to those who thrive despite the obstacles.

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