All carrot; no stick. So when does Biden use the bully fu#king pulpit for voting rights?

“Joe, we never had a doubt,” Biden, [right, back turned to Jim Clyburn whose support gave him the Democratic nomination and the presidency in addition to rock solid support for his domestic agenda] said of Manchin. Biden later handed Manchin the pen he used to sign the legislation.

I swear I wrote this before I saw the Reuters post!

Biden signs inflation act, hands pen to Manchin (Reuters)

At a White House event, Biden was joined by Democratic leaders including Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, whose support was crucial to passage of the Inflation Reduction Act along party lines, after he blockaded much larger measures pushed by the White House…

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who was also present [!] at the bill signing, said Biden knew when to stay away from the negotiations and allow them to play out.

“He knew precisely when to step in and when to let negotiations play out. He knew when to use the bully pulpit and when to bring people together away from the spotlight. He made sure we never lost our focus on climate.”

So when does Biden use the bully fu#king pulpit for voting rights?

The Black Caucus, btw, not the Progressive Caucus, broke the logjam that broke the ice for Biden’s Build Back Better Act.

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