Valenti— Abortion, Every Day (3.16.23)

The Florida 6-week abortion ban passed out of the House Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee today. The legislation would make it a felony to “actively participate” in an abortion, language so broad that it could criminalize anyone who helps someone to obtain care. Democratic Rep. Kelly Skidmore responded to the bill’s advancement by saying that “we can’t pretend that this is not a full ban on abortion.”Republicans [also] want to ban schools from teaching menstruation…

In Oklahoma, Republicans want to mandate that health care providers upload patient records to a state-run database. This comes as Republicans in the state are trying to pass dozens of anti-LGBTQ bills and classify abortion as homicide.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signed a law effectively banning abortion clinics in the state despite abortion being legal. [The] legislation requires that abortions be performed in hospitals….According to the Utah Hospital Association, no hospitals in the state provided abortions in the last year that weren’t medically necessary. (Because no one goes to a hospital for an abortion, you go to a doctor or clinic.) The law will also make it doubly hard to obtain abortion medication, which account for most of the state’s abortions and—until now—were often prescribed via telehealth.

So let’s be clear about what this is: It’s a backdoor ban. It’s a way to stop women from accessing legal health care.

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