And how is Bragg a racist?

“Mr. Trump has called Mr. Bragg a “racist” and accused him of leading a politically motivated prosecution.”

1) Bragg is a racist.

2) Bragg is leading a “politically motivated prosecution.

In re charge #2–

“Mr. Trump’s political allies have joined his battle against the district attorney; on Sunday, the Republican speaker of the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy accused Mr. Bragg of “abusing his office to target President Trump….””


“Rebecca Roiphe, a professor at New York Law School and a former prosecutor in Manhattan, said that even though investigators do not target individuals for political reasons, politics does come into play in that “there is always a question of whether it is the public interest to bring a certain charge or not.””

Question: Why does the Times address the issue of political motivation and let the racism accusation go unanswered?

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