To the Editor— And How is Bragg a Racist?

To the Editor (New York Times):

By ignoring the racist and antisemitic aspects of former President Donald Trump’s attack on Manhattan district attorney Alvin L. Bragg, the New York Times has chosen to ignore an essential element of Trump’s “Investigate the Investigators” schtick.

In the March 21st article “Political Furor Awaiting D.A. in Trump Case,” the Times states that “Mr. Trump has called Mr. Bragg a “racist” and accused him of leading a politically motivated prosecution.”

To the charge of political motivation, the Times quotes Republican speaker of the House Mr. Kevin McCarthy’s claim that Bragg “abus[ed] his office to target President Trump….” and New York Law School professor Rebecca Roiphe’s observation that insofar as the political aspect of prosecutions goes, “there is always a question of whether it is the public interest to bring a certain charge or not.”

Left to stand unaddressed is the accusation of racism.

Fox News captured the essence of what the Times missed by quoting Trump’s social media post in which he said “Bragg is a (Soros) Racist in Reverse, who is taking his orders from D.C..”

To eliminate Trump’s bait and switch from the conversation is to ignore the inherent racism on which Trump and the Republican Party rely.

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