Bobbi Ercoline, Whose Hug Became a Symbol of Woodstock, Dies at 73

Embracing her boyfriend, a blanket around them, she appeared on the cover of the ubiquitous soundtrack album of “Woodstock,” the 1970 documentary film about the music festival….

Ms. Ercoline’s tender moment became the subject of a photograph chosen for the cover of the soundtrack album, a three-LP set that was once a familiar sight in record collections in dorm rooms and coffee houses throughout the country….

The day the “Woodstock” soundtrack came out [she…bought a copy but] did not immediately realize that they were pictured on the cover because they had looked first at the back of the record sleeve to see which songs had been included.

“That’s when I realized I needed to tell my mother that I had gone to Woodstock.”

[Her] initial intent was to get home in time for church on Sunday. The picture was incriminating, she said with a smile: “Proof that I did not go to Mass.”

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